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We aim to get people to stop and pay attention to their finances and understand how to make good money management plans and financial decisions. We believe saving money and using your dollar bills efficiently is no rocket science and it can be done by anyone quite easily with the help of a few tips and guideline, which we aim to provide here.

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Loves to play poker and spend his time talking about money.


This money can be saved in a piggy bank or more securely at a savings account at a bank.


To invest is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future.


Finance aims to price assets based on their risk level and their expected rate of return.

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We aim to get people to stop and pay attention to their finances.


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Dave is a young man of 28 who is extremely hyperactive, loves to play poker and spend his time talking about money. Since early teens, he thought that he was “The Man” when it came to money but did not get his act together until 2013 when he bought a house and started living with his wife in New York City.


We believe saving money and using your dollar bills efficiently is no rocket science and it can be done by anyone quite easily with the help of a few tips and guideline

Things to Consider Before Getting a Car Title Loan in Florida

A car title loan refers to a short-term loan in which your car’s title can be used as the collateral. The borrower has to be the alien holder, that is, be the owner of the vehicle. Florida title loans are usually taken for less than a month, and if not repaid, the lender is allowed to take ownership of the car then resell it to a client to recoup the amount of loan given. Although you have to state your preferred interest rate when applying for the loan, if it’s a short-term loan, you may fail to realize that the quoted price is not annualized. Every state has its rules for imposing a car title loan. In Florida, for example, car title loans have become an attractive borrowing option for many individuals. They are easy to obtain. Also, unlike traditional bank loans, they don’t require a lot of paperwork. If you own a vehicle, you can always apply for a car title loan. However, you must be knowledgeable about the process of acquiring the loan in Florida. Here are a few tips to guide you.

How Much Do You Need to Borrow?

Most car title loans in Florida are for a few thousand dollars. Therefore, if you have a financial emergency within the same range, an auto loan could be the answer. But, if you want a car title loan to purchase a boat worth $60,000, you’ll be out of luck since car title loan companies in Florida will let you borrow up to 50% of your car value.

How Soon Do You Need the Money?

The car title loan lenders can process your loan in an hour if you fill out the application to start the process. Applicants have to submit documentation forms, and since a credit check is not a requirement, the paperwork is necessary to finish the loan process. Simultaneously, the time taken to process the loan is significantly reduced. A car title loan is often necessary when the time frame is of the essence.

What are Your Alternatives?

In the event of a financial emergency, do you have other means of getting what you need? There are many options of borrowing including taking out a second mortgage if you own a home. Alternatively, payday loans are a great option, but they are often for a smaller amount. It’s important to weigh all your options before committing to the car title loan.

Understand What You will be Required to Pay

The Florida law allows the title lender to charge interest of up to 30% annually on your car title loans and 24% annually for any amount borrowed between $2,000 and $3,000. This means that in case you borrow $1,000, you’ll be expected to pay $1,000 as the principal.

Garner the Facts You Need

Florida laws have a regulation for vehicle-secured finance loans. Chapter 537 of Florida Statutes stipulates that the state must license lenders. Under the same law, for you to receive a loan, you have to sign a written contract. Understand the agreement before signing the paper.

A car title loan is based on the value of your vehicle. There is no considerable paperwork to fill out during application. All it takes is completing the easy application form on the lender’s website and receiving a quote.

Quick tips for raising your annual fundraising goal for your non profit

When it comes to increasing the amount of money you raise for a non profit you work for or run, it can be quite scary to suddenly increase your goal far higher than you have done in the past.


What often happens, though, when you do drastically increase an annual fundraising goal is you may be surprised when you actually raise the money.


Follow these few tips, and you may just find it easier than you ever have before.


Create a unique event — If you have been running the same silent auction, the same black tie dinner or the same fashion show for years, it is time to create a unique event.


After all, while you may get some repeat guests just because they like to support your non profit, you will often find the same event every year becomes boring fast.


Look at the special events other non profits are organizing in your area, then try something even more different. This should pull in the people that have always supported you, plus give you a big opportunity to appeal to people that have never been interested before.


Increase your major donor asks — If you have been running major donor campaigns for years, you will probably find you have been asking your donors for similar amounts every year as well.


The rule of thumb in good annual fundraising, however, is to always make sure you increase your ask and, in some cases, increase it by a large amount.


If you are not sure which major donors to ask for a larger donation than before, do some research on some of the ones that normally give. Look at how well their businesses are doing, if they have bought new homes or seem to be traveling to exotic places, and then decide how much extra you think they can afford to give.


In many cases, major donors do not increase their donation amounts simply because you do not ask them.


Add an additional mail campaign — If you are like most non profits, you probably do two to three mail campaigns every year.


This year, add an extra campaign but only send it to the donors that regularly give money to your non profit. Increase the amount you ask for, and link it to a special program that only they will be funding.


Exclusivity in the non profit world is even popular when it comes to donating money. After all, many donors not only want to do something nice for their community, but they also want to be able to feel like they are doing something nobody else is doing. The chance for a donor to fund a special program is often that exclusivity they want. Make sure you use a good fundraising software to keep track of everything.


Run a raffle — Many non profits do not run an annual raffle, and they should.


Prizes can often be easy to get donated and, if you have enough of them, people love to buy a ticket to help a good cause but one that may win themselves something too.

Starting a Business in Oregon

Beginning Preparations for a Tax ID

Starting a business can be time-consuming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The legal aspects need to be in order if the owner wants the company to succeed. A business name is a top priority. Research the name before contacting the IRS. If the desired name of the company chosen has been used for another business in the same industry, then it would be beneficial to consider changing the name. First, an Employee Identification Number(EIN) must be set up by the IRS (Read more: how to get an ein in oregon). An application can be found online at the Oregon State website. An EIN is needed for any business that plans to hire employees and makes a profit. This must be sent to the IRS for income tax purposes. There are various structures for a business to be associated with. For example, if there is only one person then the Sole Proprietorship is the right choice. It can always change if the owner plans to hire employees sometime in the future. At that point, a Limited Liability Company would be the wise choice to have. This will provide insurance to protect small businesses in the event of a lawsuit.


Preparing for Tax Purposes

Under Oregon law, a business that operates with an outside office must have a tax identification providing the company conducts their business relationships relating to sales of property, repair, inspection, maintenance, or service of a product. When applying for Oregon state, federal, and local government assistance programs, the owner of the small business must not only provide a business proposal but must also prove that there is a substantial amount of income from the business. This will enable the owner to get approved for a small business loan; although, the loan amount won’t exceed 50% of the business proposal.


Establish a Business Plan

Whether the company is in sales, marketing, advertisement, restaurant, gym, or store, the business must have a legitimate business plan. This plan will explain in detail the fundamentals for which the business plans to run. The reason for the business, what are the goals, meaning of the company to the public. The state of Oregon represents financial resources and managing services for small businesses who need assistance to establish their company. Ensure that the purpose of the business is outlined in the business plan in great detail. This will usually take a few hours to figure out what’s going to be the main point of the business. Focus on the main point of the plan, if the business is associated with investors, such as real estate or financial institution, then they may require more information. A detailed version of what the company’s products are should be mentioned in the plan. Also, create a mission statement which should indicate what sets the business apart from similar small businesses. Include a sales and marketing pitch. How will clients find this small business and what makes it stand out from the competitive competition.

Taking Out An Online Loan May Be Worth All The Trouble

There are millions of people who struggle from financial hardship and have difficulty paying for the day-to-day living expenses, such as gas, groceries and food. There are people who have experienced unfortunate circumstances, such as job loss, disability or worse, a death of a spouse. When you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, you always want to make sure that you do whatever it is you can do in order to be able to afford the day-to-day expenses. If you have young children in your home, you may have to do whatever it takes in order to be able to properly care for them. Putting yourself in debt may be something that you cannot control, due to having to be forced to survive. Due to the unfortunate situation you are experiencing, you have to try to explore all avenues in order to get out of your situation. Sometimes, taking out an online loan may be one of your best and only options in order to help you and your family survive.


Many people face financial hardship and have trouble being able to afford bills and food. Will you run out of money, it makes it extremely difficult for you to continue to make money. You will need money to purchase gasoline for your vehicle in order for you to find work. You will also need to purchase groceries in order for you to eat and have the energy required to be healthy to work. Many times, people are left in a very unfortunate situation where they have to make a choice. In order to continue to get out of their situation, they may need to make an investment. Taking out an online loan is considered an investment because you have to repay the company in order for you to get what you need to be able to move forward with finding permanent work. Once you find permanent work, you are able to get out of the unfortunate situation and repay your loan.


There are many online loan lenders willing to offer you a loan fast, possibly within 24 hours. Every online loan lender has their own requirements, such as credit score, job longevity, income amount, or previous behavior with other loan companies. It is critical that you take the time to study every online loan lender you are interested in and make sure that their terms are legitimate. Some online loan lenders may require you to send them bank statements, copies of your recent pay stubs and sometimes they even asked for your previous tax return. This online loan lenders sometimes request more than you should have to give up, however the outcome is that you will be able to get a loan, when no other lender will qualify you. Many online loan lenders do not base their qualifications on credit scores, they mostly base it on the ability for you to repay the loan.


Overall, if you are interested in taking out an online payday loan or an installment loan, make sure you take the time to review their terms and regulations before you apply. Also find out what the repayment schedule looks like in order to judge whether it is going to be a good fit for you. Many times, online loan lenders offer extremely high interest rates and many applicants end up defaulting on their loan due to the extremely high interest rate. Fore further information, please visit finance district nz.

Selling your house ain’t easy. But here are some tips

When you buy or sell a home it is one of the largest financial transactions that you will have in your lifetime. It is important to be prepared for this transaction in order to have it go well. There are so many different contingencies that are sometimes beyond your control which can impact the success of the sale, and being prepared for selling your home is one of the more important forms of preparation that you will perform in your life as it can have a significant impact on the return you can get.

Due Diligence on the Price of Your Home

It is important to be prepared by understanding the value of your home and what you can sell it for if you are able to eventually sell it. Start by finding out the price that other homes have sold for in the neighborhood and h long they were listed on the market before they were able to successfully sell. Comparisons and statistics on sales are important to understanding your home value and pricing strategy. Highlight what is important to buyers in your areas such as a school district, access to nightlife transportation options, or maybe nearby amenities or beaches. Understand why people are looking to buy in your neighborhood and craft a strategy to sell to them based on these pros. By doing so you can understand how to best market your home for its sale and provide you with the best value.

Get Your Home Ready for the Sale

If you are going to have people visit your home and potentially buy it then you want it to be in the best condition possible for the fast house sale. Make sure that your home is clean and presentable, that many of the minor repair items are addressed such as broken windows or other needed maintenance, and consider small renovations like painting or refinishing floors that can greatly improve on the value of the home. Consider having a professional staging company come in and take a look at preparing your home for an open house. This is particularly important if you are not living in your home and it is vacant. Staging a home can help a family to see how the home were to look if it were to be populated and the cost of the staging of your home is often more than compensated for by a higher sale price.

Consider Preparing Paperwork and Checking on Certificates

In many towns, you may need to get formal certificates of completion for various major renovations that you do, such as adding another bathroom or room to your home. These certificates help to ensure the quality of the renovation and make sure it is safe to occupy. If you don’t have a certificate of completion then you may need to go through a lengthy process to have it provided, which can be costly. Check that your paperwork is up to date on your home and that you don’t owe back taxes or other things that can limit or slow the sale of the home.

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