Quick tips for raising your annual fundraising goal for your non profit

//Quick tips for raising your annual fundraising goal for your non profit

When it comes to increasing the amount of money you raise for a non profit you work for or run, it can be quite scary to suddenly increase your goal far higher than you have done in the past.


What often happens, though, when you do drastically increase an annual fundraising goal is you may be surprised when you actually raise the money.


Follow these few tips, and you may just find it easier than you ever have before.


Create a unique event — If you have been running the same silent auction, the same black tie dinner or the same fashion show for years, it is time to create a unique event.


After all, while you may get some repeat guests just because they like to support your non profit, you will often find the same event every year becomes boring fast.


Look at the special events other non profits are organizing in your area, then try something even more different. This should pull in the people that have always supported you, plus give you a big opportunity to appeal to people that have never been interested before.


Increase your major donor asks — If you have been running major donor campaigns for years, you will probably find you have been asking your donors for similar amounts every year as well.


The rule of thumb in good annual fundraising, however, is to always make sure you increase your ask and, in some cases, increase it by a large amount.


If you are not sure which major donors to ask for a larger donation than before, do some research on some of the ones that normally give. Look at how well their businesses are doing, if they have bought new homes or seem to be traveling to exotic places, and then decide how much extra you think they can afford to give.


In many cases, major donors do not increase their donation amounts simply because you do not ask them.


Add an additional mail campaign — If you are like most non profits, you probably do two to three mail campaigns every year.


This year, add an extra campaign but only send it to the donors that regularly give money to your non profit. Increase the amount you ask for, and link it to a special program that only they will be funding.


Exclusivity in the non profit world is even popular when it comes to donating money. After all, many donors not only want to do something nice for their community, but they also want to be able to feel like they are doing something nobody else is doing. The chance for a donor to fund a special program is often that exclusivity they want. Make sure you use a good fundraising software to keep track of everything.


Run a raffle — Many non profits do not run an annual raffle, and they should.


Prizes can often be easy to get donated and, if you have enough of them, people love to buy a ticket to help a good cause but one that may win themselves something too.