Selling your house ain’t easy. But here are some tips

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When you buy or sell a home it is one of the largest financial transactions that you will have in your lifetime. It is important to be prepared for this transaction in order to have it go well. There are so many different contingencies that are sometimes beyond your control which can impact the success of the sale, and being prepared for selling your home is one of the more important forms of preparation that you will perform in your life as it can have a significant impact on the return you can get.

Due Diligence on the Price of Your Home

It is important to be prepared by understanding the value of your home and what you can sell it for if you are able to eventually sell it. Start by finding out the price that other homes have sold for in the neighborhood and h long they were listed on the market before they were able to successfully sell. Comparisons and statistics on sales are important to understanding your home value and pricing strategy. Highlight what is important to buyers in your areas such as a school district, access to nightlife transportation options, or maybe nearby amenities or beaches. Understand why people are looking to buy in your neighborhood and craft a strategy to sell to them based on these pros. By doing so you can understand how to best market your home for its sale and provide you with the best value.

Get Your Home Ready for the Sale

If you are going to have people visit your home and potentially buy it then you want it to be in the best condition possible for the fast house sale. Make sure that your home is clean and presentable, that many of the minor repair items are addressed such as broken windows or other needed maintenance, and consider small renovations like painting or refinishing floors that can greatly improve on the value of the home. Consider having a professional staging company come in and take a look at preparing your home for an open house. This is particularly important if you are not living in your home and it is vacant. Staging a home can help a family to see how the home were to look if it were to be populated and the cost of the staging of your home is often more than compensated for by a higher sale price.

Consider Preparing Paperwork and Checking on Certificates

In many towns, you may need to get formal certificates of completion for various major renovations that you do, such as adding another bathroom or room to your home. These certificates help to ensure the quality of the renovation and make sure it is safe to occupy. If you don’t have a certificate of completion then you may need to go through a lengthy process to have it provided, which can be costly. Check that your paperwork is up to date on your home and that you don’t owe back taxes or other things that can limit or slow the sale of the home.