Starting a Business in Oregon

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Beginning Preparations for a Tax ID

Starting a business can be time-consuming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. The legal aspects need to be in order if the owner wants the company to succeed. A business name is a top priority. Research the name before contacting the IRS. If the desired name of the company chosen has been used for another business in the same industry, then it would be beneficial to consider changing the name. First, an Employee Identification Number(EIN) must be set up by the IRS (Read more: how to get an ein in oregon). An application can be found online at the Oregon State website. An EIN is needed for any business that plans to hire employees and makes a profit. This must be sent to the IRS for income tax purposes. There are various structures for a business to be associated with. For example, if there is only one person then the Sole Proprietorship is the right choice. It can always change if the owner plans to hire employees sometime in the future. At that point, a Limited Liability Company would be the wise choice to have. This will provide insurance to protect small businesses in the event of a lawsuit.


Preparing for Tax Purposes

Under Oregon law, a business that operates with an outside office must have a tax identification providing the company conducts their business relationships relating to sales of property, repair, inspection, maintenance, or service of a product. When applying for Oregon state, federal, and local government assistance programs, the owner of the small business must not only provide a business proposal but must also prove that there is a substantial amount of income from the business. This will enable the owner to get approved for a small business loan; although, the loan amount won’t exceed 50% of the business proposal.


Establish a Business Plan

Whether the company is in sales, marketing, advertisement, restaurant, gym, or store, the business must have a legitimate business plan. This plan will explain in detail the fundamentals for which the business plans to run. The reason for the business, what are the goals, meaning of the company to the public. The state of Oregon represents financial resources and managing services for small businesses who need assistance to establish their company. Ensure that the purpose of the business is outlined in the business plan in great detail. This will usually take a few hours to figure out what’s going to be the main point of the business. Focus on the main point of the plan, if the business is associated with investors, such as real estate or financial institution, then they may require more information. A detailed version of what the company’s products are should be mentioned in the plan. Also, create a mission statement which should indicate what sets the business apart from similar small businesses. Include a sales and marketing pitch. How will clients find this small business and what makes it stand out from the competitive competition.