Preventing Securities Fraud – How to Protect Yourself

Surely, you might have come across individuals who are sued by other individuals or companies for securities fraud. Securities fraud might sound familiar to you but what exactly is it?   What exactly is securities fraud? It could be defined as the use of any deceptive means to buy, trade, or sell securities. It is often categorized as a white-collar crime because it doesn’t involve physical burglary. It goes far as falsifying any records or security trading statistics with the motive to defraud.

Personal Savings

Whether you are a young teenager who wants to buy tickets to attend that upcoming music concert of your favorite band, a fashionista who wants to buy the latest Prada or a dad who wants to pay his son’s college tuition, everyone needs to save money for some cause. Personal savings are the certain amount of money, which you take out from your income and put it aside to be used for a cause later. This money can be saved in