Quick tips to help you find a non-profit job

//Quick tips to help you find a non-profit job

If you are going to start looking for a non-profit job, you may be thinking it will be just as difficult as finding any other job. More so, in some cases, as non-profit jobs tend to be fewer than jobs in other industries.

That being said, there are some things you can do to not only help you find available non-profit jobs in your area, but also help you get a job offer.

Volunteer with a non-profit — If you do not have any previous experience with a non-profit, now is the time to get some. Find a non-profit organization in your area that provides the services you are interested in, and apply for a volunteer position.

This will not only give you experience working in a non-profit, something which looks good on a resume, it will also allow you to see if that type of work is actually something you would enjoy.

Local non-profit administrations — Almost every city has an organization that offers help to non-profits. In some cities, this will have the name the Center of Non-profit Management.

While these organizations offer help to non-profits and their staff in a wide variety of ways, most of them also have a job newsletter that is updated daily. Find the organization in your city and look at their website. You are likely to find a job section with listings of every job currently available in non-profits in the area.

Send resumes to all non-profit organizations you are interested in — Do not just wait for job vacancies to become available. Many non-profit organizations do not always advertise when they have a job opening, so non-profit jobs you may be interested in may eventually be filled from within.

This is why it is essential to identify non-profits in your area that you may like to work for, and then send a resume and a cover letter to each of them. Follow up with an email or a phone call several days later, just to find out if they do have any vacancies. Make appointments for interviews with any that may be interested in you and your background.

Use an online non-profit job board — There are several major online non-profit job boards that specialize in listing non-profit jobs from all over the country. Some even cover international non-profit jobs as well.

Find at least two or three of the main boards, register with them, and upload your resume and a recent photograph. You can then search the non-profit job board itself and apply for any jobs you may be interested in directly from the site.

Non-profit headhunters — There are also recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting for national and international non-profit organizations.

If you have a strong resume and an appropriate work background, register with several headhunters and then ask them to find you a job.

The secret to getting a job with an agency like this, of course, is not just to sit back and wait for them to come to you. Instead, contact them every few days and ask about interviews.