Three ways to promote your business that do not cost much money

//Three ways to promote your business that do not cost much money

If you have been trying to promote your business, but are finding the usual ways are just too expensive for your budget, check out these three ways to promote any product or service.

They do not cost much money, yet will get you the much needed attention you desire.

Teach a local class — If your business is in any way connected with something that could be taught, put together a short course and offer it at your local community college. This can be a wonderful way to get out the word about what your business does, and to attract a captive audience to it. Especially if you continue to teach the class every semester.

Custom printed stickers — Another wonderful way of promoting any business is with custom printed stickers from Canada sticker printing. You can have them printed in any size, design and color, and can use them in many different ways. Try putting them on envelopes and packages. Have large ones printed with something funny or cute, and give them away as bumper stickers. Design some that would be wonderful as decals, or even give them away as skateboard or laptop cover stickers.

Go to networking events — One often overlooked way to promote any business is to attend networking events in your area. Set a goal of attending at least two a month, and you will be able to promote your company to several hundred or thousand new people every few weeks.

If you can also afford to set up a small booth at one or more of these events, you will attract people’s attention even more. Especially if you have custom printed stickers to give away, have an interesting, funny or moving video presentation or can hand out samples of products that you sell.